Equipment Financing

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New Equipment, Used Equipment, Even Private Sales

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Get the Equipment You Need to Produce Revenue – All industries and equipment types considered.

Alternate lending solutions for both new and used equipment are available at US Global Asset Investments, LLC. Our leasing and equipment financing group have your solution.

We specialize in revenue producing, critical use equipment. Equipment financing is used for the purpose of purchasing equipment for expansion, replacement, or other purposes.


Types of Business Equipment to be Leased:

  • Agriculture
  • Aircraft
  • Rail Cars & Rolling Stock
  • Trucks & Transportation
  • Business, Retail & Office Equipment
  • IT Equipment & Software
  • Manufacturing Machinery
  • Medical Technology & Equipment
  • Veterinarian Equipment
  • Construction & Off-Road Equipment
  • Specialty Equipment

Did you know

498 of the Fortune 500 companies use leasing and fleet management for vehicles and/or equipment. Wherever you are in your journey, there will always be new equipment that can help you to build the business so that it will truly flourish. Aligning yourself with USGAI allows you to acquire the equipment you need to help your business grown.

Ways Your Company Benefits

Improves Cash Flow

When you finance your equipment with USGAI, your cash is not tied up in the equipment. Instead, it is available for other investments that will grow your business, produce income, and ensure the equipment you acquire earns profits.

Preserves Other Lines of Credit

Tomorrow can bring many opportunities. Financing equipment with USGAI means you will have the credit available (either from banks or other sources) to take advantage of future opportunities.

Hedges Against Inflation

Your monthly payment remains the same over the term of the lease or loan. Dollars paid later in the term usually have less purchasing power than those paid at the beginning of the term. So USGAI helps you pay for today’s equipment needs with tomorrow’s lower-value dollars.

Equipment Procurement

Can’t find the piece of equipment you are looking for? USGAI partners with various vendors to help our clients find the right piece of equipment for them.

Creative, Customized Leases

USGAI will customize the lease to fit the client’s needs. We offer the following types of leases: operating, capital, lease buy-back and price per click for the medical industry.

Lease To Own

Leasing through USGAI allows you different options at the end of the lease. You can keep the equipment by paying off the lease, trade in for new equipment or sell the equipment and keep the equity earned.